BMW Motorrad Club Inland   

The idea of a BMW club in the middle of South Africa was born some time ago, but it was the passion of a few individuals in Bloemfontein that resulted in some action, and on 28 January 2012 we were amazed to see 133 people gathering at a filling station on the outskirts of Bloemfontein just after sunrise. That early morning inaugural ride to Black Mountain in Thaba Nchu for breakfast bears testimony to the fact that forming this new club was long overdue.

The club name describes its area of operation, more or less covering the Free State and Northern Cape, all the way to Upington and beyond. Just visiting all the dealers within the club’s boundaries makes for an adventurous trip….

BMW Clubs Africa dictate the workings of a BMW Club and we all form part of a huge international network with full backing of the BMW brand. BMW Clubs is where owners can “live” their loyalty to the brand alongside other like thinking drivers and riders in their own village and to the outskirts of the world.  There is a BMW Club in most places you can visit, if you are part of a club you will always find a friend wherever your travels take you.  The “head office” is at the Four Cylinder building in Munich (Germany), flanked by the BMW Museum where you can see everything BMW ever came up with to excite their customers with over the years.

Back in Bloemfontein, members of the club receive some unique benefits – another good reason to join the club. Local business including Sovereign Motorrad, Touratech, and Country TRAX Off Road Riding Academy and others all offer preferential pricing to club members.  The more you ride your bike, the more “discount” you get…..  Sounds like a great deal….

Any club needs a committee, and this one is no exception.   The committee arranges various activities for the club, including social gatherings, training events, breakfast runs and longer out rides with sleepovers.  The club also launches and coordinates combined effort for the attendance of BMW events like the Bike Fest and the ECO Challenge.  All the information is made available through the Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/bmwexplorer/.

The objectives of the club are stated as follows:

  • Promote and further interest in BMW motorcycles
  • Hold social meetings, events and outings
  • Promote cultural and social responsibility activities including but not limited to the making of donations to charitable causes.
  • Promote safe and competent motorcycling skills and undertake suitable training and related support.

If you live in the Free State or Northern Cape and own a BMW bike, or would like to own one some time, you are most welcome to join the club and become part of an interesting network of local friends and an incredible community spread out all over the world. Contact the club though facebook (details above), e-mail: members@bmwmc-inland.co.za  or phone Nico on 0832120102. We look forward to getting to know you better and share the passion on the road, on the trail and on the dance floor.   Joining the club is an excellent way of enhancing your ownership experience of your BMW, and it will certainly increase the return on your BMW investment.

Words of Stefan Boshoff